DUC Youth Advisory Council

DUC is launching its first-ever Youth Advisory Council and are looking for a motivated and diverse group of young Canadians (aged 18-23) to advise DUC on our conservation and engagement strategies. Youth Advisory Council members will share their perspectives on the future of conservation, what role they want to play and how DUC can move their vision forward. DUC are taking applications until mid-October.

Members will also learn firsthand from DUC’s professional staff about wetlands, wetland science and conservation methods. Over their two-year term, they will get leadership training, specialized personality assessments, public speaking opportunities and collaboration experience. DUC will be setting them up for success in their careers.

Note that members do not need to be familiar with DUC to apply. There is more information here on the website: https://www.ducks.ca/careers/youth-advisory-council/

FR : https://www.canards.ca/careers/le-conseil-consultatif-des-jeunes/

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