June 9, 2016

ASFWB Merit Award

Each year, nominations are accepted for the ASFWB Merit Award, which is presented at the Annual Fall Meeting. This award formally acknowledges the achievements and contributions of a deserving individual to fish and wildlife biology.

Criteria for Selection:

The award will be presented for distinguished service over a period of time or for recent outstanding achievement in the field of fish and wildlife biology. Candidates may be evaluated from a diversity of activities, including:

  1. their role in the conservation of rare and endangered species;
  2. the conservation of important habitats;
  3. the increase in public awareness of the importance of fish and wildlife management;
  4. their contribution to professional societies; and
  5. the implementation of sound fish and wildlife management in the Atlantic Region.

Candidates must be residents of the Atlantic Region and members of ASFWB. An awards committee consisting of the ASFWB executive shall determine to who the award will be presented. The award will only be presented if in the opinion of the committee, there is a nominee worthy of the award. No member of the current executive will qualify for the nomination. Nominations received in any year which are passed over, will automatically be considered in the subsequent two years.

Merit Award Recipients
1987 Dave Harris, NS
1988 Bruce Smith, PEI
1989 Fred Payne, NS
1990 Diane Griffin, PEI
1991 [no recipient]
1992 Al Smith, PEI
1993 Louis LaPierre, NB
1994 [no recipient]
1995 Rudy Stocek, NB
1996 [no recipient]
1997  Bill Prescott, NB

Daryll Guignon, PEI

1998  Gerry Parker, NB
1999  [no recipient]
2000  [no recipient]
2001  Bob Bancroft, NS
2002 Dr. Joseph J. Kerekes
2003 [no recipient]
2004 Randy Dibblee
 2012  Rosemary Curley

If you know someone who should be nominated, then please provide :

  • Name and address of nominee;
  • Brief explanation of the nature of his or her contribution or service to fish and wildlife biology; and
  • Your name, address and signature.

Forward all this information to Stephanie Walsh via email (stephanie.walsh@nspower.ca)